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Anu & Raj Emandi

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Anu is daughter of Rama Rao & Leelavathi.  She is sister of Sachin Pannuri.  Anu is married to Raj Ennmadi and blessed with Anjali.  Both are based in Florida US for more than two decades.  I distinctly remember seeing her in her school uniform wearing powered glass.  Later she seems to have switched to contact lenses.  Over a period of time during my various visits to Hyderabad and final visit was at Banjara hills residence, before marriage she was sporting a jeans and sitting on a rocking chair.

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Anu has done Family medicine, works for the Veterans Administration, her husband is a successful granite business and the only indian to represent Florida chamber of commerce delegation to South America. She has a 10 yr old daughter who is very smart and also training in classical indian music and dance

Anjali has a close semblance to her dad Raj I suppose.  Anu is more of Leela Aunts copy.


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Anu is a source of support to her dad Rama Rao who has entered into his 80’s I presume.

Anu has specialized in holistic medicine is where u incorporate non traditional practices such as studying in detail about food and its effects, minerals and also other branches such as Ayurveda, homeopathy etc
Deepa”s recollects Anu :

For me anu was like my finishing school teacher in hyd. Correcting my pathetic English grammar , helping me with my maths, introducing me to Enid Blyton books , and can’t forget our night long chat sessions, movies on the VCR , shopping , non stop playing songs on tape recorder. 
Vanda do u remember ,u and anu chasing me out of the house when u were watching pretty woman. Bcoz I was too young for some scenes in the movie
Rama Rao & Leelavathi Pannuri
Rama Rao & Leelavathi Pannuri

Last time when I spoke to Anu over the phone she seems to have recollected my visits to Hyderabad.  We spoke on telephone after a gap of nearly 2 decades, since we were in a mood to recollect good old days and look towards future meet in context of Mahesh’s marriage we spoke at length regarding how I got my sister married and how I expect her to find a bride for Mahesh.  It was fun to dicuss an ideal way to get Mahesh Married.  I look forward to meet Raj regarding whom Mahesh used to dicuss and make it a point to catch up




Sachin & Jayanthi Pannuri


Come into our cuisine world….Sachin seems to be welcoming the Clan members as it were for a few hours wherever he is.  Sachin has been a uniting factor from the other part of the globe.


A collage of Sachin and his better half Jayanthi travelling down the memory lane.  Sachin is a versatile Engineer, he seems to have designed a domestic beer making machine.  It would be literally like having a pipeline in your house supplying spirit whenever you need.  I hope future govts allow marketing such innocent spirit making device.  Kudos Sachin we are all waiting for that day.  Sachin’s favourite dish is cooking Chicken Biryani, even though he loves to stick to Vegetarian diet.  Regarding Jayanthi I am sure Sachin will update us in the near future.  It was wonderful to chat with her on the cellphone when Sachin visited India.


Sachin and his family, his daughter Neha is currently studying abroad.  Now Sachin needs to fill in the blanks and add or delete some of the photographs from this post…..Sachin now it is your turn to bat….I have added only the fillers to check out how your page might look  Well to me it looks like a rockstar





Never knew Sachin is such an accomplished painter in Picasso mould.  I believe one needs to ponder and observe close to read or decipher the mood of the painting.  The hues and canvas suits winter and its moods according to me.  Guys there are expert interpreters, would like to have Sachin’s perspective on these paintings individually.

collage_20141125001810148 collage_20141125002021341

Sachin is a rockstar who paints with his heart.

His brush strokes symbolizes hues of  human agony & ecstasy,

Look at the rainbow colours applied signifying nature’s bounty,

OMG let his personality inspire the clan for better relationship and understanding.




I remember distinctly staying with Sachin’s family for a day or two when I had been to Hyderabad to attend some interview and group discussion.  His mom was a beautiful host she literally made best of the dishes for breakfast and dinner used to be at Nizam Club.  Sachin’s dad too was a wonderful company and he used to come out of his shell when he used to down a peg or two to clear his throat as it were.  I hope to share some more details as I jog my weak memory, it takes time to download information from the grey cells and recap the context.