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Gaurav & Sneha


The final bastion of bachelor hood and spinster days are over for the couple Gaurav and Sneha.  ON behalf of the derebail clan we welcome Sneha into the family tree.  May almighty give the couple best of maritial bliss and happiness for the next 25 years.  I am sure you all will exhibit the same warmth, hospitality and keep forging ahead into the next generation of family unity with max transperancy.( privacy concerns are welcome)

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The final bastion of bachelor hood and spinster days are over for the couple Gaurav and Sneha.  ON behalf of the derebail clan we welcome Sneha into the family tree.  May almighty give the couple best of maritial bliss and happiness for the next 25 years.  I am sure you all will exhibit the same warmth, hospitality and keep forging ahead into the next generation of family unity with max transperancy.( privacy concerns are welcome)

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I am adopting a collage method to unfold the marriage event which has taken place live at Nataraj lawns Chembur on 28/11/2014, where the wedding was solmenised in Kerala style first, which went about in a jiffy and detailed ceremony of the Padmashalis custom.  The wedding ceremonies went till about 1.15 and later photo sessions.

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Guys the feel good factor in any wedding is that we get to meet good association of each members of the family and friends circle.  We may not be aware of Gaurav’s close friends and their names but the smile on their face exhibits the warmth and closeness on a happy occasion.  Probably Gaurav must be first off the block into the marriage arena like his dad among his friends circle…..Gaurav please fill in the names …


During my marriage time I was tense somehow, but when I saw Gaurav cool as a cucumber, I was amazed at his tenacity, particularly with dad’s hyper tense voice.  Nothing to demean but to put a point across in a scuttle manner, guys we need to act the age and mentor the next generation.  Hope I am right Gaurav ?  If I am wrong can t help it.  Just Joking !

Gaurav remember the golden advice if you wanna marriage to be successful you got to fall in love again and again, not with a different person but the one whom you married…..Sneha is her name, and now she is a member of Derebails.


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Shaila in the absence of Naresh has shouldered lot of responsibility in arrangements, probably we might miss him physically but the fact remains that we could feel his presence in spirit throughout the function.  Brother we dearly miss you physically.  Even today my eyes get filled to think of you as a godfather to younger generation particularly Gaurav. Give a helping hand to your brother Gaurav for he too needs a little push in the right direction.


Hai Hello Neeta we envy your Green Cellphone and appreciate you tenacity and drive to make Gaurav’s wedding a happy and eventful occasion.  By inviting bus loads of neighbor’s to the wedding reception you have contributed to the happy occasion.  Amazing to see such a huge gathering that too on Friday literally a week end.  I guess around 1100 people must have gathered for the happy occasion.  I believe Dinesh has set such a high standard for a gathering probably it will be hard to replicate such crowd assembly in future.   I am sure those who have assembled would have witnessed the magnetic charm of late Shri Rajeev derebail’s connectivity among the Padmashali community members.

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Great Clan is unity in diversity.  Sanika is basking in glory with almost a bridal type of attire, a dress rehearsal of sorts for her date with destiny.  Naresh I am sure you are watching from heaven above.

I suggested to Sharang to take forward a leap into the blogsphere and utilize his talent for creative expression and become a uniting factor for other members of our clan.  His musings of the Facebook has amazing depth of his mindset and idealism.  The emotion connect that he displayed with Vasanthi was so refreshing that we do not miss a progeny in our family.  This is what is called filling gaps in our lives by reaching out with words and affection.  Truly Sharang I want you to be in blogsphere and hopefully it would be widely read across the globe.


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Sneha sorry that I barged into your privacy and introduced myself as Gaurav’s Kaka, because I had told Gaurav I need to get introduced prior to marriage, and I am committed to my statement.  Probably Gaurav because of Dengue attack missed the appointment.  Never mind if our intentions are noble things definitely fall in place.  And see the lord has ensured it

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The secret for a successful married life take it from me is to listen when other person is angry, respond with a smile, sorry my dear or thank her for small errands.  The faster you learn to use these little phrases and frequently you will enjoy your married life.  I am sure you will find a way out when there is major difference in approach, chill out in the house not outside.  Whatever you wanna do it, do it at home in front of better half…..hey I don t want to sermonize !

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Dinesh remember we took time to reach Nataraj Lawns, but the hurry bury was all just an anxiety.  Kye Sera Sera whatever has to happen will happen.  I hope you got the message.  Chill brother……I don t violate rules.

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Big brother Kishore was suffering from sore legs but still he kept a smiling face and kept nodding his head in acknowledgement.  The desire to be present at an happy occasion and be connected with the Clan is strong in his dictionary, a typical Karunakaran derebail trait.  I hope his children emulate his simplicity and connectivity ( Shuba & Avinash )

Kishore & Shuba seated
Kishore & Shuba seated 2 row

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I love Kerala food preparation and after a long long time I really enjoyed a sumptuous vegetarian affair.  And the waiters were literally bouncing on each other because I was conversing with their lingo franca.  Thanks to Nair family for arranging such an excellent affair with a cuisine, and with a lovely company to abet the flavor of the food multiplied manifold.


He is smiling and thinking of blue……….lesser said the better.


Dinner was double fun catching up with the community members, photographic bouts, with Vasanthi around catching up everyone with everybody was really hectic.  But Sneha expressed it beautifully I want to stay put for some more time.  I want stay connected with the family. To make every member feel wanted is a difficult  task to achieve and I am sure we all added our bits and pieces to it. Thanks to Neeta and Dinesh for organizing such a lavish dinner.   I missed out on many items for the fear of choking because of bad throat condition.  Sorry Dee you had to face such a trouble reaching the marriage hall, but I hope you made it up with Chetan around in the evening for the reception.

SORRY Vicky for  calling you Vicky the donor after the hit Bollywood movie.  It came out spontaneously.  Thanks for your appreciation buddy.

Meeting with Jeevan  & Praveen Shetty family, their magnetic short presence was felt. For a few seconds I uttered  to Jeevan what is doing in Catering  business his personality suits cineworld.  Probably in the mould of Gabbar Singh.  I was seriously suggesting to take an audition.  WHO knows s he  will mint money over there too.  Just joking Jevaan.

20141128_103352 20141128_103345

GAURAV which of these two pics you liked as a fab one ?  Tell me which you liked ?


Sharang I have adopted an unusual route shunning the frills of timing and breaking the barriers of tradition by penning a blog in thanksgiving fashion, probably you could add some more zing to Gaurav’s marriage blog.  Till further updates thanks for all Padmashali community members on being present on the happy occasion, friends & colleagues of Gaurav for blessing with your presence and not presents. Amita was singing praises to Akila as a beauty queen literally in Ash mould.  She is amazed at her personality to the core.  To end it with a bang, Amita summed it up appropriately Rajeev was a Gem with whom we connected in our childhood and shall remain committed till the end.

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Sanika is ready for the occasion with her tambula.  She was active participant in the happy occasion despite her upcoming exams and preparations.  I hope she recalls her dad’s advice on studies.


Jeevan Shetty is closed to Rajeev Derebail family since they were staying in Chembur, Mahesh and Jeevan happen to be childhood friends.  He is running a successful chain of Malvani food restaurant branded as Ratnagiri.  Amita was a neighbor of the family, just next door staying at Shell Colony.  The Kanchan family looked up the Derebails as an extended family with all their Children being in touch even today.  Amita is current with IT as an officer.  Arun is with ICICI and Vinod abroad working as incharge of a Pet Unit, when I heard last.  Amita was singing glory about Rajeev Derebail.  Her lavish praise for the family was soothing for the ears and literally woke up to the reality, that we should stay connected at all times so that we can tide the moments of crisis and celebrate with joy happy occasions like birthdays and weddings.


Some are afraid of getting themselves photographed for the fear of looking haggard and ugly, Uma is hiding her face but I ensured that Roshan come out in all hues of rainbow colours.  The smile express thousands of words.  In fact everybody tells me that I am a non-stop talker, but it is other way round I bring out the best in people.  I don t know whether it is a god gift of the gab or other person’s need to express.  Guys I was down and out and under medication for hypertension which was taking a heavy toll on my health but I never knew how I spent almost 14 hours continuously being alert and active.  I refused to take a nap guys.  I cannot afford to miss allround hub of activity.


Mahesh don t go missing once again……I shall incorporate your presence a little later with pics and words….Even my photos are missing ?  please guys provide us the missing link….One or two I managed to salvage.  Don t be peeping toms from Flarepath.  Vasanthi discussing with Rishab and Chetan Padmashali in a humouros manner.


On this solemn occasion it is appropriate to remember the grandfather in Rajeev N Derebail & Naresh Derebail, please do bless the couple with maritial bliss and prosperity.  Guide them in the right path.


Now it is time to say good bye to the couple for their honeymoon trip to Udupi, Kerala and Sri Lanka, Bon Voyage Gaurav and Sneha.  Have a rocking time.

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Gaurav take care of Sneha forever….with best wishes from De Clan.