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Anu & Raj Emandi

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Anu is daughter of Rama Rao & Leelavathi.  She is sister of Sachin Pannuri.  Anu is married to Raj Ennmadi and blessed with Anjali.  Both are based in Florida US for more than two decades.  I distinctly remember seeing her in her school uniform wearing powered glass.  Later she seems to have switched to contact lenses.  Over a period of time during my various visits to Hyderabad and final visit was at Banjara hills residence, before marriage she was sporting a jeans and sitting on a rocking chair.

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Anu has done Family medicine, works for the Veterans Administration, her husband is a successful granite business and the only indian to represent Florida chamber of commerce delegation to South America. She has a 10 yr old daughter who is very smart and also training in classical indian music and dance

Anjali has a close semblance to her dad Raj I suppose.  Anu is more of Leela Aunts copy.


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Anu is a source of support to her dad Rama Rao who has entered into his 80’s I presume.

Anu has specialized in holistic medicine is where u incorporate non traditional practices such as studying in detail about food and its effects, minerals and also other branches such as Ayurveda, homeopathy etc
Deepa”s recollects Anu :

For me anu was like my finishing school teacher in hyd. Correcting my pathetic English grammar , helping me with my maths, introducing me to Enid Blyton books , and can’t forget our night long chat sessions, movies on the VCR , shopping , non stop playing songs on tape recorder. 
Vanda do u remember ,u and anu chasing me out of the house when u were watching pretty woman. Bcoz I was too young for some scenes in the movie
Rama Rao & Leelavathi Pannuri
Rama Rao & Leelavathi Pannuri

Last time when I spoke to Anu over the phone she seems to have recollected my visits to Hyderabad.  We spoke on telephone after a gap of nearly 2 decades, since we were in a mood to recollect good old days and look towards future meet in context of Mahesh’s marriage we spoke at length regarding how I got my sister married and how I expect her to find a bride for Mahesh.  It was fun to dicuss an ideal way to get Mahesh Married.  I look forward to meet Raj regarding whom Mahesh used to dicuss and make it a point to catch up