Mani & Saritha’s family.

Seetharam Derebail had achieve the highest post of being Workmen Director at Canara Bank.  In his capacity as a Union President of Canara Bank he had sorted out so many issues related to the workers.  Primary issue might have been transfer related I presume.  He was able to provide job to many community members using his portfolio and influence in allied industry too.  Seetharam was actively involved in all family matters after the death of Naryan Shettigar.  He is blessed with three daughters after his marriage with Sulochana aunty.  Their names are Shailja, Saritha and Sunita.  All names beginning with S.

Suited Mani @ ITC Gardenia
Suited Mani @ ITC Gardenia

Mani is a multifaceted personality on a fast track  career, he was with Godrej when we met in Blore, than he switched to ICICI bank and headed to Dubai.  Last I heard he was with IFFCO.  I believe he is one rare breed of finance guys who switches job otherwise they all put up with one company from start to end.


I distinctly remember Seetharam kaka visiting Kalyani Nilaya and having some wonderful time along with cousin Udaya, Satish and Kishore.  If my memory serves me right we met Seetharam kaka at Bangalore airport in 1995 when Sudesh got married to Ratna.  He did not initially recognize us, but later recognized and asked us to come over.  He was highly stressed at the time of the meeting probably waiting to receive some important dignitary I suppose.  I happened to catch up all the three sisters at Manipal hospital when kaka was admitted into Manipal hospital.  He recognized me by my voice and acknowledged my presence with a tear dropping out of his cheek.  After that slowly he started sinking under the influence of morphine and pain together I presume.  The brave sisters lead by Shailaja performed the last rites.  Naresh and Mahesh too were present.  It was a sad gathering but at least the bonding was back with the family.


Thanks to Sachin’s we were able to visit the abode of Saritha at Hiranandani’s Thane, it was wonderful and warm reception we had visiting her palace.  Her flat was well decked up with artifacts and interior designing.  Mani and Saritha are blessed with a beautiful daughter Sneha.  She wants to follow the footsteps of Gopu kaka in his field.  I am sure her personality is hypnotic enough to cure the patients.  Good Luck Sneha.





Let us pause and salute our bravehearts for preserving the commercial capital’s citadel Mumbai on this eventful day in 2008.


Saritha please fill in the blanks…..with more photos and words………


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