Chetan & Deepa Padmashali family


Deepa is married to Chetan Padmashali.  She is the daughter of Devendra & Damyanthi Shettigar of Kallianpur house.  She is grand-daughter of Mr Giriappa and Mrs Jalajja of Derebail Clan.  After completing education she started working for IT cos from junior level she got elevated to Team leader of her organization (   ?   )  She started her career in Blore and than after marriage migrated to Mumbai and worked once again in IT companies



Her husband Chetan is a dynamic sales and marketing professional.  He has worked for reputed groups……………………….Currently he is marketing ERP softwares and programs………..based from Mumbai.  He is son of …………………………who has worked for a reputed fragrance manufacturer.  Basically he is born and bought up in Mumbai but on assignment he has travelled extensively in Western Region.


Our association with Deepa’s family has been age old considering her dad Devendra, who happens to be a bank manager was close to my dad K N Derebail.  I remember distinctly that we visited their new house in Vijaynagar, and its area was known as Nagarbhavi, it looked far away from the city limits in 1978, but today it is almost heart of the city.  Deepa’s family were regular visitors to Hoysala apartments ( our place on Cunnigham road ) during holidays, Deepa has fond recollection of her visit, because dad was a real entertainer.  I remember she was a shy girl always smiling away to glory when she saw us, but never used to utter a word !


Deepa may not be aware that her mom Damayanthi suddenly one day landed up at our residence till she could find a suitable accommodation.  She was helped by dad to find a working women’s hostel and she happily moved over.  Damayanthi was earlier staying with Seetaram Kaka or rather we used to call it as Vimal Villa of Gopu kaka.  It was a two storied spacious villa in Hanumathnagar in South Bangalore, we used to be regular guest over there along with Dad.

Saga of a Saint

I happened to visit the mayor of Mumbai’s residence opposit Kanderpada police station in Jan2001. I found that a sage was performing Homa with some mumbo jumbo slokas. It looked impressive and i offered him to visit our home for performing puja, the Mayor was extremely happy to get rid of this saint because he and his two disciples used to pile to every household they visit. He must have swallowed more than 25 k.

The Dongi Baba as Deepa termed parked himself at our place we gave him full independence to use our Bedroom since it was fitted with AC. AC was switched on the entire day and his disciples used to contact all potential preys for the next place of visit. They made international and STD calls by using lightening call facility. Plus they used to send telegram by phone asking people to contact them on our number, if they don t respond these guys used to book urgent call to converse. At the end of 15 days stay our telephone bill was Rs 3500, Electricity bill was 2000 and plus cost of hosting and transporting them was another 5000. It was a real ripper.

Buggers did not even have the basic sense to switch off the AC when the vehicle is switched off, i returned after the parking car, it wouldn’t start and being a new vehicle it did start once we pushed. I gave a piece of mind to the disciple concerned. That is when they must have performed black magic.

Deepa’s dad was being honoured as Chief guest in Padmashali Sangha meet at Mumbai. He visited the function and there i happened to meet Deepa, who wanted to come check out Mumbai in my Car along with these Dongi Babas. These guys wanted to impress Deepa i suppose, let us go to Govinda’s place which happened next to Iskon temple. We visited Iskon temple first. Than we went to Govinda’s apartment, the babas went to his private room and started chanting mumbo jumbo he must have been spell bound, that Baba has come specially to bless him. Govinda was under heavy stress because of his rumours of being close to Rani. Deepa and self waited in the main hall for 15 minutes, meanwhile there was a call from her dad to immediately return, we rushed towards hotel Ramakrishna. She was back at her nest safely escorted by 7.45pm, despite that her dad was upset.

Well Govida’s career went on a tail spin after the visit of this Baba and so did my career was temporarily affected, probably he was an expert blackmagician or a tantric. One of his disciple looked to me like Swami Nityanand another fraud. Best part of these events is that when he visited our place at Attavar he was feeling negative vibrations i believe. I feel the saint met his match in my mom and brother. He knew he will be chased out of the residence instead of accepting his request. Plus they knew they cant make any free calls or enjoy AC facility in Attavar.

Moral of the story is that never trust any saint or astrologer to arrange for quick fixes, they will ensure that there is a big hole in your pocket.



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