Shyla Naresh Derebail family

What a coincidence both Naresh and Sanika were born in the same month but under different zodiac constellations.  One individual whom I miss dearly after my fathers demise is Naresh derebail.  He has been the linking factor to the entire clan based in Mumbai.  Basically being from the petroleum sector both dad and Naresh had the same inclination and their style of approach too resembled a lot.  Naresh happens to be fourth son of Rajeev family.  He is married to Shyla who is an executive in a premier public sector unit.  They are blessed with two siblings in Sanika and Daksha.

Since today happens to be Sanika’s birthday ( 23/11/19XX ) I thought it appropriate to dedicate this page and day to Naresh derebail.  Wishing all the health and happiness to Sanika on her birthday.

Happy birthday Sanika
Happy birthday Sanika Derebail

Naresh during his childhood was a little aloof and shy character probably he had elders to respect in the form of Siblings Anita, Dinesh & Satish.  I remember spending a Diwali day in their house along with Dad and Akila.  There was lavish celebrations ( 1984 ) Akila had dropped down for Air Hostess interview with Ratan Tata, Jaitley and Jay Bahuduri.  She passed all the tests but failed in vision test.  It was just an excuse I believe to select only candidates with top influence my father failed to use his influence.

Naresh was a support system for Rajeev Clan, particularly when Dinesh opted to work outside Mumbai.  He handled all the matters related to house with lot of planning and care.  When he joined BPCL, he worked hard in the initial years as apprentice.  I believe he was on the program for almost 5 years.  Once he was absorbed full time he got into trade union activities just like his mentor K N Derebail.  He came out of the shell literally, ironically BPCL was Burmashell when K N DEREBAIL was working.

A collage Naresh photos in 1994
A collage Naresh photos in 1994

After the untimely demise of Anita the burden of managing totally fell on the broad shoulders of Naresh.  The entire family was shattered and shocked beyond belief.  Slowly they emerged from the tragedy.  She was helping dad to manage the business which was flourishing.  After her death the business started dwindling anyways it was under partnership.  I remember Rajeev Kaka has business spread all across India.

When I was posted in Nutrine as management trainee for 3 months ( 1983 ), initial 15 days I stayed with Naresh & family.  It was a grind working the toughest markets of to sell confectionery in Bandra to Borivili belt.  I withstood the pressure and emerged triumphantly, that is when I was asked to stay with my colleagues in Khar guest house.  During those days the warmth Rajeev Kaka and family displayed was literally a payback of sorts or rather the intrinsic bonding that my dad had with the clan came out prominently.

In April 1994 when I was posted to Mumbai, a turning point in my career at Kurl-on.  Naresh literally sheltered me and that is when Rajeev Kaka decided to shift to Udupi to build their nest in Kalyani Compound after partition.  It was a painful but right decision to move away from hectic life of Mumbai.  From than onwards, it bought out the best in Naresh to manage family affairs.  He used to share his professional and personal life over a drink session.  He used to be hyper tensed and I was glad that I was able to provide support morally for him to sail through the most difficult phase of his life.  When Vasanthi was transferred we shifted to Kurla nearby to shell colony so that we could still be in touch.  On the job front I pulled out all my efforts to establish myself in Mumbai and than within one year I switched over to HPL, that is when I shifted gear to top gear.


We had mutual admiration and bonding that sometimes other members of the family must have wondered whats happening ? Some of his statements were outlandish but it was passe over a drink.  All his thoughts and tensions he used to come out openly when he downed one or two swigs, he told me little secret about my brother too which I got a hint of earlier.

Our second last meeting at Bangalore in 2010 was filled with lot of events, visiting Manipal Hospital, Travelling to Srirangapatna by car and from there halting at Ganesh’s residence in Virajpet, and than proceeding to Padubidri for a night halt.  He was upset with me for delaying our trip due to halts.  I could not afford to drive continuously due to my diabetic condition, so the halts were essential since it was dark and meeting my Nutrine colleague one last time too must have been destined because he too passed away suddenly.  The refusal by bank union secretary to allot guest house was a scene to be witnessed.  Naresh was about to blow out but controlled himself.

Well after he met his mom at Udupi Naresh was extremely happy and satisfied.  The next day we rushed and stayed in railway ac dormitory since he had to board early morning train to Kurla at 4.30 am.  I escorted him and had a TAJ breakfast and returned to Blore driving all the way by dropping Sisters, College student and Accident passenger and reached Blore at 10 pm. OMG.

The final meeting was in August for an evening session when he came to Udupi to meet mother.  Something seems to be simmering in his  mind which he did not spell out but I believe that tension never left him.  I wonder whether his withdrawl from active union activities too contributed to his untimely demise.  The charming light of derebail Clan went out.  When Mahesh gave the news of his death I immediately booked my ticket to Mumbai by VRL, but I never got to see his body being cremated due to providential delay. I left after 4 days of mourning at Chembur.  For me he is still living in spirit like my dad guiding me as it were day in day out.


Naresh was very much concerned about Mahesh, he used to coax me to convince Mahesh to settle down in Udupi for sake of mother.  He told Sanika once that don t pressurize yourself too much for studies, if you get good marks you can become a doctor or connected with medical field.  Daksha was his pet child and he loved his family as a whole.  He might have had some difference of opinion with Sudesh, which is understandable.  He helped Dinesh financially by arranging for funds I believe which I believe was repaid with interest.  Overall he was a uniting factor for Derebail Clan with his telephone number remaining constant over decades.  Anybody would remember the number by heart I suppose.


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