Vandana’s Wonderful World

80035-Great+success+fish+quote vand4 They ( RamMoorthy & Ramani ) got married on Nov 1 , 1971, it was Andhra Pradesh formation day and Pappa’s destruction day as he would say. Yeah, Naresh stayed with Dodamma but would visit us on weekend, would refer to mummy as ‘ Bournvita maami’ as she would always ask him’bournvita peeta kya’. Mummy and Pappa were incredibly amazing hosts. I remember one visit of Baby mama and Akila, and some German nationals. It poured heavily and the kitchen was flooded, we used rice gunny bags as water adsorbents. The next day they went fishing in tank bund, do not remember if they caught anything. What a fishing expedition ?  The fishing rod was later gifted by the Germans to Baby mama I suppose. vand1 IMG-20141118-WA0000 Mirror Mirror On the wall I’m telling you my secrets Once and for all I really want you to see The other side of me Not my appearance Somewhere behind the looks I want you to know That you know how I feel You show me my expression Everything is true You never lie Like most people do Mirror Mirror On the wall I have no secrets Because you know them all Ack : Helena Alvarez vand16 th3LX20SBZ When Ramani aunty got married in Hyderabad the entire clan rushed was present in the city to witness the ceremony. Our distinct memory of the marriage was gulping coke after coke and getting a kick out of it. Coke was banned in 1977 and so i presume the marriage happened in 1971, correct me Vandana on the dateline. vandana4 Every time when we used to visit Hyderabad we used to park ourselves in Ramani aunts place. In fact once RamMoorthy uncle asked us how come all derebails turn up at our place only for staying. I too replied we are guest for one or two days and it so happens that your place (Himmayat Nagar ) is in the heart of city closer to Kachiguda railway station and we get more love and affection along with good homely food. I remember Naresh too parked himself for a year or two to complete his studies in Hyderabad. Or rather shuttling between Leela aunts place and Ramani aunts place. No wonder Vandi was in touch with Naresh rather than me. I was wondering why now as i pen this blog i can appreciate her proximity. vandana1 RamMoorthy uncle had good business contacts among grain merchants and was a zamindar in his own right with farmlands under the family possession, so the idea of running a co-operative shack for the Clan in Hyderabad must have been born. Every time i found Leela aunty, Babakka or somebody else bumping in their place to pick up 5 kgs of rice 2 ksgs of daal etc. They had a weighing machine for exact measurements too. Probably they must be maintaining an account too of the monthly purchases. Thus Ramani aunts residence was a hub of activity, with Ramani aunty being the queen bee. vandana3 After i got married to Vasanthi I had to introduce her to our family, since they could not make it to the marriage. Our first honeymoon trip was to Hyderabad. We automatically rushed towards Ramani aunty’s place. Vasanthi got bitten by ants and Ramani aunt applied some turmeric paste. We enjoyed our 3 days stayed during which time all the relatives flocked to see who is the new bride to Ramani aunty’s place. Vasanthi was keeping company for Ramani aunty in the kitchen and i was giving company to RamMoorthy uncle, who was in his elements joking and advicing me in general. Vandana was studying her medicine and she was literally rushing to college we hardly got a chance to speak as it were. Once i joined duty i was mostly staying in hotels and used to pop in Aunty’s place for an hour or so that might explain why we never interacted much…. 10735662_906867892658324_2019570294_n RamMoorthy uncle with his Yashica camera and Ambassador car was moving around and shooting some marriage functions. His skills of photography is legendary. I believe he must have had huge collections of black and white photographs. I had seen one of his snaps of Anita’s marriage photo in Vimal villa. He owned a bike too in which probably i took a royal ride along with Gundu ( Venkat ) to an ice cream parlour located nearby. If you ask me the year probably in 1985. Oh my goodness the name of the ice parlour was Yankee Doodle from Kwality”s IMG-20141208-WA0000 Sachin has such an important anchor role to play in Derebail, he is the common factor in US Clan.  Invariably they make it a point to visit all our cousins abroad as well as in India.  I remember my dad used to do it as a matter of routine a surprise visit to all friends and relatives so that they are not stressed out in making elaborate arrangements for dinner or lunch. Anushka’s Sweet Sixteen Celebrations : Recently Vandana’s family and friends got to-gether to have a birthday bash of Anushka at Houstan, the function obviously from the photographs was well attended.  Merry making in terms of group dance on Bollywood numbers seem to be in progress while these photos are being clicked. PhotoGrid_1417384871339 Shaking a leg to Bollywood dance seems to have been practiced rightly by Anuska and her friends.  Thanks to Naveen for these lovely photographs of the occasion.  The clarity seems to be much better. PhotoGrid_1417384988713 Vandana I promised to make your page look wonderful, I hope I have fulfilled your wishes. PhotoGrid_1417385173834 Latest news :  Vandana being a doctor has been treating me for my various ailments, timely treatment plays an important role in recouping particularly with diabetic neuropathy

and other complications one needs to be careful I suppose.



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