Akila Derebail & family

Beach Villa
Beach Villa located in Southern France


Jacques is a French citizen who fell in love head over heels with Akila derebail when she was on a visit to Paris inorder to pursue her studies in hotel management. She went to a discotheque in sub-urban Paris, where Jacques noticed her and mistook her to be an Afro-Asian. He started following her movements meticulously to propose to her, and Akila was not sure whether she was taking the right step in her life. We gave her the moral support, but guys it was a challenge of a lifetime worth repeating again for sake of posterity.


Akila told me that Jacques does not like big crowd or gathering and our marriage and reception should be solemnised in a simple fashion. OMG how do you execute a marriage ceremony without an invitation card being printed or venue being announced. We went about it in a jiffy, arranged for music system and generator to be installed at our Attavar residence. Next we engaged a Video Grapher for sake capturing it live. We fixed up the lighting at residence for reception in the evening. Wedding according to Hindu style was fixed in the evening at Derebail to be performed by Sudhakar Uncle. How do we invite people without invitation card was a challenge we started calling them up over phone.

Iconic Eiffel Tower
Iconic Eiffel Tower

Many of the relatives were aghast they thought it was a sick joke of sorts being played by us. Believe it or not guys 50% of them turned up and had a good non veg dinner food and for those who wanted a party, we had a secret hideout for sipping inside the house. Jacques was asked to do push ups as namaskara to the family diety and partake mineral water as prasad. Next day for sake of registeration they were formally wedded as per Indian Laws. Can you believe it in Oct 1997, the entire marriage without engagement or any usual formalities went like knife in a butter. Say Cheers to Sauliere family Guys.


Currently the couple is staying in Paris. They are blessed with three sons Aimery, Armaan and Alexson. Jacques Sauliere isworking as MD of his company based in Paris.  They are globe trotters whenever there is a vacation, they pack their bags to a silent destination.  As for as we know they have been to Swiss, Yatcan, Spain, India on an average once in two years, etc.

.560460_10151113626352626_157443964_n (2)

Aimery has been advised by his teacher to dress in different styles whenever he feels stressed out and he follows this philosophy till date.  He recently celebrated his 15th birthday on Nov15.


Armaan has looks of Al Pacino hope he turns out to be an actor, he is quite an intensive personality and takes his own time to pick up friendship.  Slow and steady wins the race is his philosophy.


French are passionate in their outlook and being a perfect Citizen Alexon symbolizes the same, I picked up him nude on Sashitulu beach and that picture will be gifted to him when he is 18.  Lolz.


WoW ! I don t have much material on their future plans and their perspective, Akila needs to fill in the blanks…………….


Even though they are French Citizens official, unofficial they do follow a lot of Indian customs and traditions.


Guys this is only a trailer picture abhi baaki hai.   Recently we inaugurated the beach house in southern France coastal town which is located almost 600 kms away from Paris.  This villa is located on the beach front, and basically will be used on vacations for children to enjoy the beaches.

Beach view from the Villa
Beach view from the Villa

Akila with her background of working for two major hospital group Taj group of hotels and Welcome group knows how to be hospitable.  She has sponsored the trip of Baby Akka, I mean Surekha shettigars mother to Paris for 3 months.  She has hosted her friends and Dr Nagaraj Moorthy who visited her on their trip to Paris.  I am sure she will continue to be a good host to the Derebail Clan.  She is lucky to have a considerate and emphatic husband in Jacques ( pronounced as Jack in English ). Jacques was educated in US probably that is the reason he is able to converse fluently in English unlike other Frenchmen.  Sava Jacques !

20141127_104603 (2)




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