Dinesh Derebail & family

Basically Dinesh has been like Mithun Chakrborthy in the family, dancing away in style hoping from Middle East to India on assignments.  After completing his diploma in automobile engineering, I recall he worked for Java or Yezdi motorcycle company.  Then switched job to Escorts in Bangalore.  He was playing lot of football and active union member.  I remember once or twice he used to accompany dad to B K Hari Prasad’s residence in post Sadashiv Nagar.  The best part of our association with Dinesh was slipping away on our dad’s java to watch movies particularly night shows.  Chupke Chupke.  One of our memorable trip was a long drive to Mumbai vide Khandala ghats.  What we experienced with our Old Ambassador car with it sliding down on the reverse, bonnet flying away, gowda trying to commit suicide, car breaking down right in the middle of the road and being helped by Haji Mastan’s right hand man, and goodness what a story we might end up tell our grandchildren.  Amazing.


Dinesh Derebail is married to Neeta Derebail in Mumbai……..

The couple are blessed with two male son’s Gaurav Derebail and Chingi Aka Rishabh.  Why he is named Chingi ?  Gaurav has done his MBA in International marketing and Social Media.  Currently he has an assignment with Flarepath.


His mother Chandrakala is home maker and shuttles between hometown and Mumbai


Mahesh Derebail is the youngest of the Rajeev Derebail Clan.  He has worked for many good organization such as Hind Dorroliver, Parasavnath, Country wide finance, Bank of America, and currently running his own restaurant.


Chingi or Rishab Derebail is adventurous, looking cute and handsome.  He is a model material but I believe he interested in Merchant Navy & Soccer.


Dinesh loves beaches and likes to drive and ride bikes.






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