Umesh & Vasanthi Derebail

Umesh Derebail & Vasanthi Derebail Basically we belong to Krishna Derebail nuclear family.  During our childhood we decided to nick name our family members as follows Robo ( for his robotic nature dad ) Gobo ( for her hawkish nature ) Tobo ( Teriffic antics ) Dobo ( Doberman characterstics or Doc ) & Bobo ( For her Rekha type of beauty ).  Imagination & originality is a trait of an acquarian.  Born on 12th February 1961 coincided with Dads birthday because both of us were night birds I presume. 10697367_10152841066253470_6885917693238962847_o (2) UMESH DEREBAIL :  Born in Blore on 12th February 1961. Education                 :  Sainik School Bijapur / St Joseph’s & St Mary’s Chennai Central School         :  K V Panambur   /   K V MEG Blore College                    :  St Joseph College Arts & Science Blore Eco His Pol Sc Professional            :  M.B.A ( Marketing, Sales & Advertising )  Blore 19050_253268863469_1723818_n Corporates Worked : Nutrine Confectionery, Safal edible oils, Kurl-On Ltd, Hindustan Pencils Ltd, Corporate Stationery, Prestige Watches, Pentel Pens,  Crystal Cook & Serve, Bell Ceramics, Sezal Architecture, Commander, Gurind Systems & Dwarka Foundation. Recognition          :  Civil Defence  Silver Medalist 1979  Star Member Okaytatabyebye, Awarded Best Batsmen for College Cricket team Merit Certificate by National Knowledge Commission NCC B certificate 17950_301326303469_4759199_n Courses               :   Kaizen, NIS Sales Management, Marc Service Time Management & Territory management. Books Read        :  Sidney Sheldon, Aurther Hailey, Mario Puzo, Robin Cook novels. Hobbies               :   Blogging, Photography, Driving, Cricket, Movies, Reading a jack of all traits…. Marriage Anniversary23 August. 10269545_10152480311458470_798797265503596804_n VASANTHI DEREBAIL Born in Karnad Mulki 13/4/19XX. Education : BSc PCM Schooling : Mulki College    :  Vijaya College. Job          : Corporation Bank Chief Manager Best statements uttered: Let us survive today tomorrow will take care of itself friends. Nothing SUCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS ! Leader’s Leap while others Sleep ! When Machine’s fail surprising Men start working !  Machine may fail but not men. Keep focusing & batting runs will flow from your willow….applies to cricket & life Musings of Umesh Derebail : 191732_10150113466923470_5755324_o Guys don’t be surprised that the above digitally resurrected snap is shabbily done.  Maybe in future with an expert a perfect snap with the dangling Lollipop could be uploaded.  I am waiting for that day.  If my Dad wanted to snap me with my knickers down he must have had a foresight, that I will follow in his footsteps to pen our legacy.  I feel like that I am completing his unfinished musings even in while on death bed…..he was penning his diary.  I hope I will be able to trace his pages for upload on a later date in his own handwriting. .

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Give your best shot and maybe it would bounce back
Give your best shot and maybe it would bounce back

Best Dialouge’s heard : Sex is the cheapest entertainment guys !  by my history professor Your Charger will fit my Phone, please recharge it.  Female traveler Rose not of titanic movie guys. Sexist shot in cricket shot between two fine legs by my childhood friend Dillo who is still a bachelor. collage_20140607134530787 Great friends & Colleagues : 1 Ansari Sherule : He is a mentor, childhood companion, peace maker, philosopher and great guide. 2.Santosh Hebbar : Always in thick and thin of life, joking, keep in touch and anytime companion in crisis. 3.Pandrangan & Kannan : Both brothers have been important part in my life in terms of mentoring and companionship. 4.L P Singh & S Murali : Good colleagues who have bared, shared and ensured that I am ALIVE. 5.Narkar, Mishra,  K Mehta & Malav Makim : NEVER tired of catching with these HPL colleges. 6. Ajeet, Ajay Balan, Upendra Soni, Pramod  & Arijith : Colleagues who will gel with me anytime & anywhere. IMG_20140220_211224 12 I distinctly remember that my childhood was most enjoyable barring certain accidents, without any pressure on studies unlike my brother. When i entered teenagehood it was loaded with cricket practise and matches till i passed out of Post Graduation. Some of the memorable innings i remember was playing Atlanta finals where we lost the cup to Mount Joy at KSCA stadium because one of our star overnight batsmen Sridhar was timed out because he had to attend his interview at HAL and reported late to resume innings. We lost the match on first innings lead, but i did bat with aplomb with 88 to my scoreline. From opening the innings i was second last batsmen to return to pavilion. Next memorable innings was 110 not out in Inter Class tournament at St Joseph wherein i was awarded the best batsmen. In between i was also engaged in NCC activity and attended a camp at Ahmednagar for 20 days and it was an experience of a life time. It enabled me to join civil defence course and there too i was awarded a silver medal. collage_20141124214029980_20141124214140924 My mom was so notorious in the family circle that i had difficulty in finding a bride of my choice. In this context there is no regrets though ultimately i found a soulmate in Vasanthi who stood firmly comewhatsover we shall face the typhoon. But it turned out to be a Tsunami in the end. Guys we survived with the blessings of our family diety Veerabhadra, i shall not dwell into details because it would be like rewinding the tape to dwell in the past. After a successful professional career a sabbatical was essential and vital to discover my own hidden talents. Financially it was a drain but it was worth the experience, i blogged, trekked hillocks and fortresses across the country, got actively involved in civil defence venture, explored share market, tried to mend bridges with the Clan, got involved into Alumni formation for our school, ensured that my partner is escorted like a bodyguard, travelled across India to attend marriage anniversary, wedding celebrations and community meetings. Constructed a house for us in Bangalore.188535_10150113465833470_5689299_n Looking ahead i find myself to be in the role of a consultant in marketing, building a bunglow filled with pets and a guest house for friends & relatives. In a networked world it is easy to be in touch on need to need basis but difficult to emphatise. Money will come and go but true friendship does not have class differential. Some of the best things in the universe is free guys. Remember nature has provided us plenty of oxygen, we have to fetch it. Plenty of water we have to preserve it for potable purpose. Plenty of sand and stone which we have purchase many cases even though it is free natural resource. Let my musings be a guideline for other Clan members to be transperant and communicative to the world in general.

Guys maybe a bigger car next time to accommodate Clan
Guys maybe a bigger car next time to accommodate Clan members Amen

Our First Foreign Trip : Our original plan was to embark on a trip to Europe on 12/02/2012 but it had to be aborted due to circumstances beyond our control.  The date coincided with my birthday but we ultimately undertook the trip next year coinciding with Vasanthi’s birthday 13/04/2013.  This was a group tour primarily for bankers from across India and a few outside the Banking circle too.

Overview of Singapore trip
Overview of Singapore trip

In brief we began our journey from Mangalore to Bangalore on 12th Night, and on 13the Night we boarded Sri Lankan Airline flight to Colombo being a stop over.  We boarded another flight from Colombo to Kaula Lumpur and reached the massive airport in which we had to travel by highspeed metro between one terminus to another.  Our sight seeing began with visiting the Grand Mosque, and than we parked ourselves at Peninsula hotel in Kaula Lumpur.  Next day we took off to the lovely destination of Genting Highlands.  It is a theme park worth a halt over with a air conditioned climate.  Our tour operator let us down and cut corners by avoiding stay at Genting Highland.

Overview of Singapore & Thailand.
Overview of Singapore & Thailand.

Our next visiting spot was Batu Caves and Jurong Park in Kaula Lumpur.  Nothing much to rave about except these are cave temples with huge Murgan statues and we can find some tamilian original settlers running restaurant.  There is a bat cave which we had to miss out due to paucity of time.  In the night we were taken near PETRONAS tower for night view.  Than next destination was Singapore.  Enroute we were taken to Boutique Chocolate factory which was just palatable with high decibel hard selling tactics trying to mesmerize the crowd into buying the so called best Chocolates by paying a premium. collage_20141125005407709 Our next destination was the much hyped Singapore.  We travelled by A C bus, our guides were warning us not to get into any controversy preparing us for a lousy hotel stay.  They called it Cherry Loft, it is actually a dormitory type of accommodation offered at cheap rates to tour operator I suppose.  They serve you breakfast with paper plates it was a let down for a three star hotel.  We were given accommodation literally in outhouse without lift on the fourth floor.

Overview of Thailand
Overview of Thailand

We had a lovely laser show on the beach with highlights of Singapore heritage and history depicted through light and sound effects.  We were taken to Clarke Bay vide boat ride and we had a metro ride on our own account.  Next day was packed with visit to Sentosa Isle, Sky ride on a giant wheel, and we were taken to an acquarium.  Universal studios was out of our package and it required a full day.  Our next destination was moving towards Bangkok.  We were booked at Bayoke Suite which is old property with huge rooms and a good AC.  The view from the top floors are amazing, it has a panoramic view of the Bangkok city. mst4 The best part of our trip was all meal plan, so we need not worry about searching for hotels except if one wanted to taste the local cuisine.  But in a long trip one does get tired of having buffet, and at the end one longs for homely food.  Everywhere they serve Basa fish, Chicken curry and few pasta and sandwiches along with rice sambar and other typical south indian meals. My experience in sales and marketing has helped me to spot opportunities and ensure that all my grievances are sorted out to my satisfaction.  For example one get quicker  resolution by penning on Facebook page of the company.  One I had a problem with a giant telecom company, I had paid deposit for a landline and it was never refunded despite phone not installed. After constant follow up I received my refund in cash through help of a colleague after 4 years.  Luckily I had proof of payment by bank statement.  Guys try to make purchases through credit card, debit card, etc so that you get your complaint redressal even after you loose your bills. Well in brief this is our family brief and rest as they say is history.  I think have given a brief about my nuclear family.  I hope Akila updates her side of the story from Paris.  Guys hold on before I wind up how do you connect with me by mail ? Discover my travelogues in the following link : DSCN7095 Wanna to discover me on Youtube, you can check out leisurely more than 100 videos of travel, marriage ceremonies and miscellaneous stuff I shall update you all with contact details once I decide to settle in place, after all we have been gypsies throughout our life right from childhood because dad was working with Indianoil which was transferable and now my wife is taking me on a roller coaster ride. Guys I was a brand guy for Lollipop, am a real sucker for details.   Keep smiling guys, sleep tight …….till we meet again. Last but not the least I would like to acknowledge my existence to my better half Vasanthi, who has absorbed most of the unwarranted or uninvited tension.  She has been source of moral and financial support in my life.  Hope God blesses her with the best of health and happiness as we head towards our retirement. 181980_10150113466433470_8283939_n 1952 Acknowlegement : I would like to acknowledge Helen aunty’s contribution to the Derebail Clan.  She worked for Crompton & Greaves I suppose.  I always found her at Rajeev kaka’s place or Naresh’s place whenever I visited Mumbai.  She has been literally connected with the family as a spinster.  I used to wonder ?  When I met with an accident in 1996, we had multiple visitors to our house.  My dad too came rushing to Mumbai after hearing the news of my scooter accident.  It was third degree ligament tear and doctor advised me not to rest the injured foot on the ground.  He warned my wife it is going to be life long suffering if you don t take care.  She was compelled to call for dad’s to keep me under check.  Helen aunty too decided to visit us.  She was probably delayed by an hour or so.  Dad seemed a little restless, we did not have a telephone at home.  When Helen aunty dropped in at last along with Neeta, she apologized for being late as a matter of courtesy.  My dad quietly replied you are 35 years late.  She was stunned by his frank admission ! That is Baby for you guys !  Never too late to acknowledge your affection for your near and dear. thSJIGDGYT


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