Padmashali & Forefathers

Basically our community belongs to the weavers class and if you include the entire weaving populace or community, we might form a significant vote bank in India.  If one were to trace the etymology or roots Shali basically mean Silk and its association with spider is an extension of the weaving profession. Mythically Padmavathi, is supposed to be daughter of Padmashali and she was married to Lord Sreenevasa of Tirupati.  Padma also mean lotus, a symbol of knowledge or intelligence. Fables regarding the community are abundant.  One of them mentions that Lord Shiva commissioned Markandeya to perform sacrifice to cloth human beings on earth.  Thus was born the lotus or it can be referred to as Lajja Gauri.

Veerabhadra family diety
Veerabhadra family diety

From there the gensis of weaving seems to have taken shape from the Lotus fibre to cloth the eve’s primarily and later extended to men folk. Many seek Brahminical status to Padmashali’s till Kaliyug began.  The biggest propagators of Lord Shiva were probably the Chalukyas of Badami and Cholas.  They created magnificent images of Lord Shiva.  Veerabhadra was adopted as family diety of coastal segment of Padmashalis.  Many other goddess are also worshipped in form of durga, Yellama, Chamundeswari, Durgaparameshwari, etc who are basically vanquishers of evil.


Family Tree of Derebail Clan :

Let us begin our family tree chain from our Grand father Naryan Shettigar.  He was probably born in 1896 in Udupi Taluk.  He was married to Kalyani Bai ( our grandmother ). He worked as deputy tashildar in Udupi taluka.  They were blessed with more than a dozen Children, the eldest of them all being Karunakaran (Telecom ) followed by Raghav ( Medical ) Rajeeva ( Businessman) Jalaja ( Giriappa’s wife ) Krishna ( Petroleum Sector) Leelavati ( Teacher) Seetarama ( Banker) Gopalkrishna ( Doctor) Ramani ( Teacher ) Dharmapal ( Oxygen) Madhava ( Mechanic).  I suppose I have named them in random order, please free to add or correct the chronological sequence if desired.  After the death of Naryan Shettigar in 1971 the entire equation of the family took a nuclear family status with migration across the globe.


Dr Gopalkrishna Derebail, an Iconic figure in the Derebail Clan, he has been a source of inspiration, financial supporter to the needy and a true Godfather to the Clan, in terms of his profession and guidance. I am sure many will vouch for this credentials. His extended family includes Dr. Vimal K. Derebail and his wife Pavita of Chapel Hill, NC, three grandchildren, Mia Kaur Derebail, Devon Helene Derebail and Sahana Rattan Derebail all of ChapelHill, NC.

Krishna & Radha Derebail
Krishna & Radha Derebail

Mr Krishna Derebail, was a real uniting factor and ring master in the Derebail family and popular among all the kids. He used to be support system for the family members despite his wife being very possessive when it came to lending. His profession took to all conrners of India. He used to be very popular among his colleagues for his carefree and down to earth style. He literally passed away penning his biography or rather treatise on Oct 5 1996.  He has three children in Umesh, Sudesh & Akila.

Dharmapal & Rama Derebail
Dharmapal & Rama Derebail

Mr Dharmapal, a born diplomat and absolutely thoroughbred professional on the job front. Many might recall him as a serious personality but he is jovial and into the worldly activities like any normal human being. At the wedding of Saritha i distinctly remember he called me aside and we had a nice puff in the corner. Of and on we have been in touch on need basis, he is literally a co-ordinator whenever our Godfather has visited India.  He is blessed with two lovely children in Anil and Vinutha

Mr Rajeev Derebail, an ex President of the Padmashali Sangha for a long time in Mumbai. He was very popular among the relatives and family circle. He has been the financial support base for his siblings in the initial years. After he migrated from Mumbai he lost touch with the extended family. He is blessed with Anita, Dinesh, Satish, Naresh & Mahesh. One year after Krishna Derebail died he too passed away in August 1997.

Mrs Ramani Ramoorthy, a loving mother for all the derebails. She was a teacher by profession.  Her residence was like a ration shop for the Clan living in Hyderabad.  We remember her hospitality during the numerous visits to Hyderabad. Ramoorthy uncle used to mostly crack adult jokes which was little embarassing for her. She was close to each and every derebail Clan member, particularly Krishna or Baby to family members. After hearing the news of her demise even Baby left for heaven abode within 3 days. She is blessed with two lovely children one among is Dr Vandana K.

Rama Rao & Leelavathi Pannuri
Rama Rao & Leelavathi Pannuri

Mrs Leelavathi Rama Rao, a strict teacher and disciplinarian as far as i remember, a total contrast from her husband Rama Rao. I remember uncle asking me to sponsor a session during my brothers marriage in the noon. Of course i remember her as a good host when we had a nice get to-gether at Nizam Club. Being Asthamatic she had health problems. She is blessed with two kids Sachin and Anupama who are both in the US currently.

Mr Raghav Derebail, a medical representative, who was financial support system for the family during his active working years. He was a bachelor by insistence and used to stay in the attic. However mid way he seems to have lost his bearings. I remember he was mentally disturbed and we had to literally drag him to an Asylum which he refused to get admitted. He had an amazing recovering at Attavar after staying two months with Baby’s family. Moving around with kids was really soothing experience which normalised him. I remember him blowing up the fees amount on eatables and snacks for treating us for a week.

Disclaimer :  I believe some of the statement of facts might seem degrading or insulting or a letdown, but the intention of stating the obvious is to learn a lesson or two, I was requested to bring down sanity incident for sake maintaining dignity of the individual.  Yes ! if the person who is reading between the lines misses the perspective or context of help rendered for another sibling to recoup mental illness than it is an act worth emulating.  The moral of the story is to extend helping hand to those who are mentally stressed out to recover.  Financial help might not  really help in such cases it is 24×7 attention, caring and empathy which aids return to normalcy.  My dad too suffered bouts of mental depression at least 4 times post marriage, we did not admit him to an asylum, which would have destroyed his reputation and will to live.

Karunakaran & Sharada Derebail
Karunakaran & Sharada Derebail

Mr Karunakaran Derebail, a telecom professional and pure family person at heart. After early retirement being the eldest in the family he was busy tending to the ancestral property and hosting all the visitors. Our major re-union was during Naryan Shettigar’s funeral in 1971, wherein each and every member of the family were in attendance. We did spend more than 10 days performing his last rites and rituals as per hindu custom. Karunakaran was a good cook, in particular his jackfruit bajji was an ace from his sleeve. He is blessed with Kishore and Vajra.

Mr Seetharam Derebail, an ex workmen Director of Canara Bank.  He was busy travelling across India with ever busy activities connected with the union.  He was host to many of the Clan members at Vimal Villa in Bangalore.  He recognized us even in his death bed at Manipal Hospital which was heartening to note.  He obviously wielded his influence to help community members to get jobs at various levels.  He is blessed with 3 lovely daughters Shailaja, Saritha and Sunitha.

Giriappa & Jalaja seated
Giriappa & Jalaja seated

Mrs Jalaja Giriappa, a housewife and a loving sister to the entire clan.  Kallianpur house was the next meeting destination for all us after Kalyani Nilaya.  She is blessed with Babakka, Damyanthi, Uma, Bharati & Udaya as her children. For us it was always fun filled visit to her place, mingling and talking freely with Giriappa.  Her advices were valued in the circle.


Mr Madhav Derebail, a forced bachelor busy with multi tasking.  He was a salesmen, cycle mechanic, peddler of fruits and vegetables.  Most of the time he used to be in his own cosy world.  Last we saw him cycling across the town in Udupi.

Titbits : I remember my dad uttering in front of the entire gang in the midst of a highway an iconic statement, which i still cherish ” Dont teach your father how to fcuk…..” Even my classmate Santosh utters it once a way to liven the conversation.

We remember Dad once broke a coconut on my mom’s stubborn skull to put his point across to her. Still she did not budge from her stand.  Dinesh you did witness the above incident, can you testify please.

Once mom rocked the chair of the CM in Vidhan Soudha chambers, with her outlandish dialogue to the secretary which was overheard by the CM in his cabin, she got annoyed when the they insisted that my dad should be visiting instead of her to redress her grievience, she screamed do you think I am a keep or prostitute representing my husband, i am her legally wedded wife and i have equal rights.  The CM got rattled and disposed of the file expeditiously.

Krishna in different avataar
Krishna in different avataar

Dad exclaimed to my brother during his repeated failures in his exam, don t worry son i will bear your expense till you pass medicals but please ensure that you study and practise to perfection your profession.

We gelled so well as father and son that once he could sense that i was running out of cash during a trip to hometown. He lent me Rs 500. I returned the favour since i was working with HPL.

My dad during his bout of temporary insanity fired his bosses out of blue. I had to literally snatch the phone and apologise. Thus was the bonding. In return he returned the favour, when he took the speaker once i was getting screwed by BEL HRD GM for uttering Yeah Yeah. He apologised to the GM stating that it is hep to utter the word yeah yeah among the modern generation indirectly indicating that he is out of sync. Masterpiece.

Dad’s skull dancing skill was amazing, he literally drove us mad, i understood he was play acting even my brother a doctor could not guess that he was a fine one at that.

Let us say there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.  The internet world has literally woven a web for us to network once again.  Let us dedicate this blog who have left us to better world above.  After we too are smothered to ashes at least let us not regret that we have not made an effort to reunite despite differences and geographical barrier.  Who knows in our next re-birth we might be reading our own history in form of text books.  Hail the De Clan let us cherish our association for a few moments, after all blood is thicker than skin or water.


Wordsworth quote is worth remembering Child is the father of Man.  I remember over a chat session Deepa sowed the seed of creating a blog, I liked the idea and started the task simply because I have at least 8 years of experience in blogging and social networking.  One has to be well versed to bring out the best in terms of output, layout, features and probably the feeling of team work.  Any great assignment involving people needs a great drive and sense of achievement.  Guys please remember I am not getting paid by anybody nor intend to extract a pound of flesh from creating a blog for the Clan, it is just an instinct or attachment for the Clan that set the trigger, once a bullet is fired can we retrieve it, not possible.  I am sure that we all will enjoy the journey on the blogsphere.



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