Derebail clan

De Clan

Prologue :

Guys this is just a rudimentary attempt to link up the widespread Derebail or Naryan Shettigar family members who have set up roots across the globe in various professional endeavor.  Some of us have drifted apart due to circumstances and maybe quirk of fate.  But nothing prevents us being in touch virtually, which is possible due to penetration of internet into our life vide PC, Tablets, Cellphones, Ipad, etc… I am sure most of when we reach our graveyard, we would leave behind a rich legacy just like our forefathers and parents.  I believe everybody in our family has an independent perspective on life and relationship.  Some of us are lucky to be in touch with each other because of the whirlwind tour of Sachin, he is our own Tendulkar who bats with his wits and captures our imagination and attention.  I was fortunate to tag along with Mahesh Derebail in Udupi and recently in Mumbai.

A small experiment on Facebook was attempted by me with De Clan group, slowly it started catching up the imagination of  the country cousins (colonial cousins rather) and younger generation.  Than the flame got ignited with Deepa moving up to another level. Deepa initiated the move to have whatsapp platform of De Gene US signifying that each of us are genius in their own domain and circle.  Vandana keeps reminding me to take care of my health, she prescribed a goli to keep my kidney and mind protected due to diabetic complication.  Gaurav is a social media expert I am sure he will contribute substantially, guy he is busy with his marriage preparations as on date.  Saritha seems to be an interior decorator at heart, her daughter Sneha wants to follow footstep of Gopu ajja.  Sanika is interested in pharmacology.  Anushka maybe a model one day who knows where her interest lies and destiny takes her ?  Chetan is a dynamo in his own field of marketing.  I am sure Bhavana with her twins will catch up soon with some updates.  Oh my goodness our roots are like a banyan tree so huge and wide spread across the globe.  We have Jayprakash derebail who is son of Sudhakar Uncle who is actually staying in Derebail and managing a family temple. In this temple Sudhakar Uncle perfomed the marriage of Akila in typical hindu tradition, we miss the lovely gentlemen due to his untimely death. It was lovely to catch with their family whenever we visited them .  Maybe we can keep updating the titbits as we progress along….

Naryan Shettigar & Kalyani Bai at Kallianpur house
Naryan Shettigar & Kalyani Bai at Kallianpur house guys try to name them in serial order ?

Dedication :

This blog is dedicated to all the departed souls of Derebail Clan beginning with Grandpa Naryana Shettigar (1893-1970)Grandmom Kalyani Bai(1901-1976), Shri Karunakaran Derebail, Shri Raghav Derebail, Shri Rajeev Derebail,(1927-1997) Shri Krishna Derebail,( 1930-1996) Shri Seetharama Derebail,( 1935-2010) Smt Jalaja, Smt Leelavathi, Smt Ramani,(1936-1996) Mr Uday Kumar Kallianpur, Mr Naresh Derebail,(1965-2011) Mr Sudhakar Derebail may your souls be blessed and be peaceful.  We seek your blessings to fulfill our endeavor on earth before joining you all in the heavenly abode.  Guys if there is any discrepancy of dateline please let me know so that I can incorporate the same.


Guys this is our Grandpa’s house known as Kalyani Bai Nilaya located in Nayarkere, Udupi.  During our last visit we found that the house was well maintained and its original heritage structure is retained.  This structure must be nearing 100 years completion I suppose. If any of the clan members can throw light on this edifice it will be great.


This is where we had our honeymoon, and that calls for a special memorable rewind.  How blessed are we that we had such a heritage structure for our important event in our maritial life.  Thank you Ajja for creating such a venue where even today family can gather without any qualms.  I hope our grandfather in heaven will be proud of creating such a edifice for the clan’s posterity.

Built with laterite stones and limestone, a little structural reinforcement has been carried out in 2002, so that the old building does not collapse.  Behind this house there is a huge compound with coconut trees and other fruit bearing trees, I remember distinctly there was even fig tree, sapota, mango and banana plantation.  Kishore is staying in the new outhouse built by Dr Gopalkrishna.  Below picture depicts the small temple where Mr Sudhakar Derebail was the priest conducting various poojas during festivity.  In fact Akila & Jacques marriage was solemnized in this temple located in Derebail.


I am sure we shall be able to take this blog into a new sphere and keep it a public domain.  After all in a transparent world why should we depend on hearsays and rumors.   Sachin remember you promised me to unravel the biggest rumor which was floating around on this part of the globe…..was it a sick joke or stark reality ?  I am waiting for clarification still.

Guys now we have an identity on facebook, whatsapp and the next logical step, it seemed was to have a blogsphere identity. In this context let us progress towards the next step !  All these small step might lead us to giant leap in relationship, at least to maintain a diplomatic touch and greet each other on occasions rather than going into ego trip.  Time is ticking for everybody, it depends upon the almighty as to when he decides to pull the plug to come and rest in his abode.

Bails racing Kambla
Bails racing Kambla


The intention of creating DE CLAN blog is to travel back into a timeline where our grand father had a vision of the clan being united in spirit and flourish wherever one is settled. As a co-ordinator i would request all the members of the clan whether they carry the surname Derebail or not to send their draft of the write up to be incorporated in their respective pages. One request is to make it informative and reveal some incredible facts & memories your association as a Clan. Let us not trivialise any individual effort or statement of facts just for the sake of criticising. MY intentions are noble, I dont intend to defame or insult any member of the family. After all great family blogs on the blogsphere are sparse primarily because technology was lacking. Let us make use of the technology to bring in the unity envisioned by our grandfather. After all sharing and caring for each other irrespective of status in the society is what a great Clan all about. Time starts ticking for everybody from the time one is born and with limited innings in this world why should we breed venom in our minds. I request rest of the community and public in general, to respect our privacy and view point. It is sense of belonging that brings joy to our hearts, let us unite in spirit. Mallya may be elated that we are promoting United Spirits ( pun intended ) Imagine the future technology might enable us to just click and chat, or have a video conferencing on our blog, or maybe even a voice chat.  Just wait for 4G technology to unfold and till Cheers to De Clan.



2 thoughts on “De Clan”

  1. Dear Umeshanna,

    Happy to read your blog. One of the video is connected to the marriage ceremony of our niece.(Hema and Ravindra of Mangalore, Vatsala’s Daughter ). Nice to read the family story. Dharmapal uncles daughter is my brother in laws wife vinutha. I still remember the joyous nature of your father. Any way keep writing in the blog.
    Dr.Venkataraya Shettigar
    Associate professor of Physics
    Gokhale Centenary College


    1. Dear Dr.Venkataraya Shettigar,
      Nice to know your linkage with the Derebail Clan, welcome aboard to our circle. Of course I know you because you are my brother’s brother in law more than anything else and the amount of responsibility you displayed during the time of your sister’s marriage. However we have not been in touch for long time, and except for Facebook posts we would have drifted apart as strangers. Now this blog is basically devised to bring our own clan together who have drifted apart due to circumstances and profession across the Globe. Next time when we visit Gokarna we would like to visit your place and catch up for old times sake. Your house was heavenly at Brahmavar, I remember we spent a few hours after our fathers death. My dad was an unifying factor for the entire clan, everybody loved him for his simple and jovial nature as recollected by you, we too miss him a lot. Regards UKD


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